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Monday, 14 January 2013

TAG - Summer Lovin'

YAY!! I was tagged in another video on YouTube!! How Exciting!!!

This tag is called the Summer Lovin' Tag! I was tagged by the lovely Ainsley from TheAinsleeyx. You can see her her video here.

You Can see my video above, or you can check out My Channel! I'd love it if you subscribed <3



 I tag you all to do this video!! Here are the questions....

1. Top 3 Summer Beauty Must Haves

2. Perfect Summer Scent

3. Must have Summer accessory

4. Your summer nail polish colour

5. WYR swim at the beach or in a pool?

6. Over summer WYR give up late nights or sleep ins?

7. You are spending the day at the beach/pool do you wear makeup? (If yes what?)

8. Favourite summer holiday/vacation spot?

If you make videos please leave your Tag as a video response. If you don't comment below either here or on the video! I'd love to hear all of your answers!!

Thanks so much for reading!!

xo Lisa xo


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