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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Beauty Swap with Sophie from Born to Buy

So, a long, long time ago now, I did a swap with the simply stunning Sophie from Born to Buy. It's true, I am the ABSOLUTE worst Blogger in the history of Bloggers. My life has been pretty complicated in 2013, so my promised post has been too long in the making. I am so, so sorry Sophie! I hope that you all jump over and check out her incredible blog to help me make up for being utterly useless!! On the plus side, my post is atleast making it's appearance in the same year.... so we're all good... right???

Well, now that's out of the way, let's get stuck in to all the goodies Sophie sent me. To say she spoilt me is an understatement. She has impeccable taste and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when her delivery rocked up at my door. Opening the package revealed a paradise of pink parcels; each treasure individually wrapped and accompanied by a personalised note. How thoughtful can one person be?! Such a rare gem!

The first goodie i uncovered was a Lush Therapy Massage Bar. Now being a Lush virgin I was really excited to try this product out and begin my love affair with Lush. Not only is this massage bar relaxing and soothing, it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and smells utterly devine. Needless to say I am now a frequent Lush-er, it's my new nirvana.

Next up is the ably named Physicians Formula: Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Glossy Stain in the colour Red. This is just delicious; it is a gorgeous shade of red and lasts all night long. Stay tuned for my comparison between this little baby and my YSL Glossy Stain.

They say great minds think alike, and that was certainly the case when both Sophie and I purchased each other Soap and Glory Hand Food. I had been eyeing this off for myself for quite some time and purchasing it for the swap did little to quench my desire.  With shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow you simply can't go wrong, and I couldn't contain my excitement when I discovered this little bottle of goodness in my hot little hands at long last.

Lippy Girl Organic Lipstick in the colour Gob Smacked is a striking pink colour and it reminds me of the pink all the cool girls wore in the old movies I grew up watching - cue Grease, Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club etc etc. The formula is creamy and feels incredible on my lips, and it's organic!! What more could a girl want?

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect: Extreme Lengthening Mascara is one of Sophie's faves which has been discontinued. Let me just say I am so glad that she sent me one of her back ups because this stuff is beyond amazing! It leaves my lashes looking long, luscious and hallelujah it doesn't clump up when I apply coat after coat. The only problem is... what do I do when I run out?? #mustmakeitlast

Let's just take a minute to appreciate the pure genius that is perfume samples! Sophie, how did you know my weakness for such things! So handy to keep in your bag, I never leave home without one, or six! I am loving the T-Swift sent and I can't even begin to describe my adoration for Viva La Juicy! Now to decide if I add them to my never ending perfume wish list???

I told Sophie that I really wanted to get a few more coloured eye liners and boy did she deliver!! The Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl in the colour 007: Turquoise is out of the world. It is the most gorgeous shade, almost a metallic blue-green, and don't even get me started on the the formulation of these babies... So pigmented, so soft, glides on like a dream... Yes, Sophie, you did start an obsession. I now own about 4 i believe... Whoops!!!

Sophie also sent me the Bourjois Paris Smoky Effet liner in colour 72: Dark Purple. Now while it is not as smooth as my beloved Rimmel, it is still an exceptional liner and probably my most favourite coloured eye liner EVER. I have used this a lot in creating that perfect smokey eye. My favourite part of this liner you ask? The smudge brush. This brush changed my life. I adore it and i actually keep this liner in with my brushes because I reach for it so frequently. Let's be honest, who doesn't love a good smudge, especially if you stuff up a winged liner look!

I'll be honest, I screamed with excitement when I saw these!! Yes, I am one of those people who loves a good shampoo and conditioner sample. And I'll tell you why. I travel, a lot, and there's nothing better than chucking a few samples in a zip lock bag. Travelling with containers of shampoo and conditioner is a nightmare, and I can't even talk about those cheap and nasty hotel provided things - sure the bottles are cute, but that's where it ends! After a lot of travel in the past 12 months, my stocks were getting low, so thank you Sophie for replenishing my supplies. My curls are eternally grateful!

WOW Sophie, you have out done yourself. I truly love everything you have sent me and I have discovered some new faves for sure! Thank you so much for taking the time to send me such a thoughtful gift. You are truly a remarkable person and I look up to you more than you could ever know. If you'd like to see what I sent Sophie, check out her post here.

Thanks so much for reading, feel free to follow me on Bloglovin... We all know it's more addictive than Twitter, Facebook and Instagram combined...

Until next time, much love my darlings...

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Friday, 23 August 2013

I'm Sorry...

Well! I'm back!! And my goodness have I MISSED YOU!!! Life's been pretty difficult lately and I've just not been able to devote myself to EsteemBeautyxo as I would like or as I should. I am so very sorry to have neglected you all, but I promise I am back and excited to rediscover my beloved hobby that honestly brings so much joy to my life.

You're probably wondering where I've been??? There's a bag full of reasons as to  why I've been MIA and I want to take a quick moment to share some of it with you all. But first of all,  I just want to say please don't think I don't love doing EsteemBeautyxo, I absolutely do; but putting yourself out there can be rather intimidating and confronting and when you're not feeling your best it's really hard to take that leap of faith. I haven't had the confidence in the last few months to get on and write or film. I've wanted to, boy have I wanted to, but on the days I feel 'good' about myself the day seems to fly right by, and then the rest of the time I feel a bit 'crappy'.

If you've followed me for a while, particularly my YouTube channel, you will know that over the past 12 months my darling husband has spent a majority of the year away overseas for work. Now, we live in Melbourne but are both originally from Adelaide. Our family is in Adelaide, and whilst I have truly amazing friends in Melbourne, I still get very home sick and having Luke away makes things even harder. We've been married for almost 3 years now (how time flies!), and marriage honestly changes a relationship. He is my family now; and when we are so far apart it feels like half my heart is missing. Even worse than that, I feel off balance and I am just not myself. It's enough of an effort just to get through each day with a smile on my dial. I literally felt as though I was just plodding through. I did all I could do to stay strong and that took all my energy. You may think that's quite pathetic, but long distance relationships are hard enough, trust me I did it for nearly 3 years, but a long distance marriage is even harder. And to make matters worse you have to deal with people's idiotic comments that feel like a knife though your heart. Despite how difficult that time has been, he's home now and we are slowly but surely settling back into our routine and enjoying spending time together again. It's amazing how much better I feel having him by my side and I feel so much more confident with his unwavering support.

I've also had a lot of other changes to deal with recently; it has been a really confronting time. I started a new job, which is fabulous! But with any new job there's a period of adjustment. I've found it quite challenging to settle in and find my feet, but I am finally starting to feel at home. I am working with a gorgeous bunch of girls and without their support, and the support of my amazing uni gals, during Luke's absence I doubt I would have gotten through it all. Unfortunately, whilst Luke was away I also had my first ever block placement in a Primary School. This was an absolutely fantastic experience and it really confirmed for me that I want to be a teacher. Having said that, it was an extremely challenging time. There is so much pressure, so much work and I have never been more exhausted in my life. Teaching 5 days a week, and then planning and then working weekends, so essentially being on the go 24/7 really took it's toll on me. I was really sick after placement and I am only now is my health starting to improve.

And finally, I found it really hard to deal with the negative comments. Not from readers, not from viewers. Sure I had the occasional negative comment, but nothing that upset me greatly. I have struggled with the negative comments and lack of support from friends and family. It's really hard to sit down and write, or sit in front of the camera, when you have loved ones giving you a hard time. Blogging requires you to really put yourself out there and reveal parts of your life; whilst I love sharing my life and thoughts with you all, some people don't understand. It wasn't until the other day that I logged on to my YT for the first time in far too long, and I cried my eyes out when I saw that I had nearly 500 subbies and over 12,000 views. Eventually I thought to myself, 'why am I letting these few people upset me?'. I realised that while they may not be interested in what I have to say, there's 500+ people who are interested. And as horrible as this thought is, I thought 'are there even 50 people who want to listen to you and your negativity?'. I very much doubt it. EsteemBeautyxo is something I LOVE, and life is far too short to not spend every day doing exactly what you love.

Only now do I feel as though I can re-start my blogger life. Some of you may know that I actually started blogging before YouTube, and I am hoping that after a few blog posts I will have it in me to get back behind that camera again. But part of me feels that no one would want to see my face on YT again. I've been gone for so long, I don't deserve the beautiful subbies that I have, let alone their support or understanding. I've been struggling with stress, depression and anxiety lately, perfectly normal because of all the changes that have been happening lately, but I really need to get back to doing something for me; something to take the edge off. Cue EsteemBeautyxo! EBxo is a great hobby for me and something that I love - I think my fears and other people's opinions caused me to forget that for a while. And for that I am truly sorry, I would like to thank Sophie from Born to Buy, Lauren from MadameM00 and Laila from TheLailaa for their support throughout the difficult time. They may not know it but they have been guiding lights for me in recent times and I am drawing on the strength I have found from them to re-start my beloved EBxo.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Why Do I Wear Makeup TAG

Well my beauties! I've been Tagged by the lovely Sophie at Born To Buy to do the Why Do I Wear Makeup TAG. Personally, I love participating in a good tag, so I was so excited to be Tagged by Soph.

This is only a short tag, just four questions in total, but it's pretty interesting. I really love it because it gives you a bit more of an insight in to me and, most importantly, my OBSESSION with makeup.

1. When did you begin loving make up?
It’s difficult for me to pinpoint the exact moment that my love affair with makeup began. I guess that as a teenager I was always interested in makeup… constantly swatching products when I would go shopping with my mum. I have always enjoyed putting on makeup for a special occasion, but that was kind of the extent of it. If I am to be completely honest my real ‘obsession’ with makeup began only a couple of short years ago, when I began to watch YouTube videos. I was going through a particularly challenging time in my life and watching YouTube became an escape from my life. It all began with a few How To videos for hair looks and from there I discovered the incredible and captivating would of Beauty Gurus. Now, at this time in my life, I was feeling particularly low. I had very little self confidence, I really disliked myself a LOT and I was not enjoying life. A makeup tutorial video by the lovely TiffanyD appeared in my suggestion box and that was it… I WAS HOOKED. Makeup became my obsession and once again my life had meaning again. I finally had a hobby, a passion, a creative outlook and I haven’t looked back. My obsession has led me to this whole other world of blogging and vlogging; it has bought me so much joy and happiness and I have ‘met’ some truly remarkable people. Makeup has opened my eyes to a world of beauty and for that I am eternally grateful.

2. How do you feel without make up?

Honestly, these days I actually feel completely confident and content with or without makeup. As my love of makeup has blossomed so too has my appreciation for natural beauty. That’s a big part of the reason why I started EsteemBeautyxo. I believe that beauty radiates from within, and it is through the use of makeup that one’s true beauty can be enhanced. So, my love of makeup has enabled me to develop the confidence to be comfortable in my own skin. Don’t get me wrong, I love to wear makeup… and there’s a lot to be said for the added confidence boost that the perfect red lippy can provide, but ultimately, I now feel gorgeous in my own skin. I am proud to rock a naked face… I have discovered Esteem Beauty, a certain kind of self confidence that can only exist once you have learned to truly love yourself, inside and out.

3. What do you like about make up?

I love how makeup can enhance your natural beauty and increase your self confidence. The perfect foundation, lipstick or eye shadow (Yes! I’m talking about you Cappuccino, Please!), has the power to make you feel on top of the world… and like you can achieve anything. Makeup makes you feel beautiful, and after a while you believe your beautiful, with or without that killer red lip. Makeup has transformed the way I see myself and more importantly, the way I feel about myself. I also LOVE that you can be so creative with makeup. I am an artist with a gorgeous blank canvas to create the perfect masterpiece. I can literally spend HOURS experimenting with new products and playing around with new looks. It’s the perfect way for me to escape from the reality of life in to my own private nirvana. Makeup brings me such joy and happiness… not to mention that excited-giddy feeling in your stomach when you discover that amazing new product that just might change your life!

4. List three 'Holy Grail' items
Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combination Skin
You know I love it, I’ve harped on about it until I’m blue in the face. If you haven’t yet tried it, YOU NEED TO!! I love it, it’s my holy grail… enough said.

Essence Eye Shadow in Cappuccino, Please!
DOMMsmiles introduced me to this little pocket rocket and it has changed my life… I actually use this Every. Single. Day. No exceptions. It’s just the perfect colour… ideal for highlighting or great as a base to aid blending. It’s an exceptional product and it’s a steal at under 4 bucks!!

Essence Lip Liner in #11 In The Nude
This is the perfect Nude colour for my lips and I adore it! I reach for this too often, seriously, I’m already on my second… but at $1.99 a pop it’s a love affair I can afford to keep. The formula is so creamy, it glides over my puckers like a dream. This is a MUST for every girl, you can’t live without it. Do yourself a favour and pick on up next time your at Target or Priceline… your lips will thank you for it.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this TAG!! Sorry I have been MIA. I have started a new job and uni has gone back (third year!! OMG I can’t believe it). I am trying to get back on top of everything and get in to a bit of a routine! In the meantime, please check out my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube… You can keep up to date with me there.. if you want to!!

Remember… Beauty shines from within…

xo Lisa xo
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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Just a quick post tonight beauties! I've just started my new job, so things are a little hectic at the moment, but I PROMISE many more blog posts are in the works!! 

In the mean time.. I've just filmed my January Favourites! Feel free to check it out below!! A full blog post is on its way xo

xo Lisa xo 

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Simple Summer Scarf Solution...

If your anything like me, scarves are one of you absolute favourite winter accessories. The perfect scarf, as you well know, has the ability to take an outfit from drab to fab. It's so sad that these miraculous pieces of material are seasonal... or are they??? 

Let me introduce you to my new best friend... The Scarf Vest!! In my opinion it is the perfect summer scarf solution! It allows you to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak, opening up an whole new world of possibilities for the humble scarf. 

Now, it's kind of difficult to describe the steps in writing, so I've filmed a quick video tutorial for you all! Trust me, it's worth a watch because this thing will change your life... no, seriously it will. 

Well, what are you waiting for??? I know you are dying to run and grab your favourite scarf and give it a go!!

I'd love it if you would post pics of yourselves looking amazing in your fabulous scarf vests.... Post them to me on Intagram, Twitter or Facebook!!

Have fun playing...
xo Lisa xo 
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Furless Haul, First Impressions & Giveaway

Oh My Goodness!!! I have reached 100 Subbies on My YouTube Channel!! YAY!! How exciting!! 

Please check out the video below and I would love it if you would enter my giveaway!! 

I know I have been a little behind the eight ball on my blog, but I PROMISE I have a few pieces in the works!! Most excitedly, I have a couple of Blog Tags coming up!!! 

Thanks so much for all of your support! You've made me smile so wide and I am completely blown away! 

xo Lisa xo 
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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Illamasqua Australia Rave

Being a Beauty Lover, I am always keen to discover new brands and products which could potentially change my life. Today, after hearing bits and pieces, I decided to check out the Illamasqua Counter at my local Myer. And let me tell you I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY!! I was inspired to blog a little about my experience and fill you guys in.... 

I was greeted by a beautiful girl called Victoria who was so friendly and helpful. She asked me if I had tried Illamasqua before and when I revealed my newbie status she was almost excited to share the brand with me.  She was more than happy to discuss the brand with me and tell me all about the fabulous products they have on offer. Also, and this is super, super exciting, she immediately gave me a voucher for two complimentary make-up transformations!!! This was just as an introduction to the brand, so that I could see the products in action... WOW!!! Now that's customer service!

Some of you may know that late last year Illamasqua stepped up to the plate in the fight for a fair price for beauty in Australia. Beauty products are ridiculously expensive in Australia, particularly in comparison with the rest of the world. Illamasqua has taken a stand against this by lowering their prices by 35% across the board! By doing so us Aussie pay essentially the same price as our friends in the UK. Finally, a company that cares about its customers and their needs! I am so impressed by this and I feel that Illamasqua deserves our support. In my opinion, if Illamasqua can demonstrate that it is viable for cosmetics companies to lower the RRP here in the land down under, then other companies may follow suit. Which means less hunting around online to find the products I want, at a price that wont completely break the bank. So, with that said, I strongly urge you to support Illamasqua in some way, shape or form and maybe, just maybe, some other brands will lower their prices too.

Anyway, moving right along.... I checked out a few of their products, but being a little poor at the moment I only picked up one. I grabbed their Cream Blusher in Dixie... and Oh Em Geee I am in LOVE!!! It is phenomenal. I am so impressed by it! It is so, so soft and creamy, out of this world pigmentation and it blends like a dream. Seriously, I literally dipped my finger in once, tapped it on to my cheeks and blended it out to cover my entire cheek. The tiniest amount goes the longest way. I am speechless! Truly an impressive product and I NEED more ASAP!!! 

I am really excited by Illamasqua as a brand and as a company. I am looking forward to exploring them more and sharing my experiences with you all. I will definitely be taking advantage of the complimentary make-up transformation and I will be sure to let you all know how it goes. If you have an Illamasqua counter nearby I highly recommend that you stop by and check out this awesome brand. In the mean time do check out my Illamasqua Australia Rave Video and subscribe to My Channel so you can keep up to date with my discoveries. 

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Since starting this blog I have given a lot of thought to what I want to do with it and what I hope to share with you all. I truly love writing this blog and I find so much joy in it. I want to be able to give a little something back to you all. Being a beauty lover, it is a given that I am also a bit of a beauty collector... I wanted to utilise this in someway so that I could share with you all my thoughts and opinions on a few of the products out there.

I have decided to create a series of in-depth reviews on various products; I am calling them "Day2Night Impressions". Essentially, I will vlog and blog about my experiences with particular products over a full day of wear. You will join me from the initial application to the end of the day, giving you a first hand view of the products in use. I want to be able to provide you all with an insight in to the products, as well as sharing with you all my views. 

I have decided to start by testing some foundations. I feel that foundations can be rather tricky to purchase; it's really difficult to get a good impression of the product from a simple swatch. Hopefully these Day2Night impressions will help make the selection process a little easier. 

I have done a quick introduction video which explains it a little more and reveals the first few foundations that I will be testing!! 

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this new project!! 

xo Lisa xo 

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Makeup Collection & Storage

Some of you may recall my Beauty Bar Bliss blog post from late last year when I was toying with the idea of starting a blog. This new venture of mine has blossomed since then an grown beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you so much for making my dreams come true!! xxxxxx

I have just uploaded another video for you guys, this one features my Makeup Collection & Storage! My collection is not too fabulous, but it's growing and i absolutely love it!!! I hope you enjoy.....

Also, I just wanted to say that I am not intending to brag through this video. I feel very fortunate for what I have and my husband and I work very hard so that we can treat ourselves occasionally. 

If you have any questions about any part of my collection or storage, feel free to ask!!! 

xo Lisa xo 
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Monday, 14 January 2013

TAG - Summer Lovin'

YAY!! I was tagged in another video on YouTube!! How Exciting!!!

This tag is called the Summer Lovin' Tag! I was tagged by the lovely Ainsley from TheAinsleeyx. You can see her her video here.

You Can see my video above, or you can check out My Channel! I'd love it if you subscribed <3



 I tag you all to do this video!! Here are the questions....

1. Top 3 Summer Beauty Must Haves

2. Perfect Summer Scent

3. Must have Summer accessory

4. Your summer nail polish colour

5. WYR swim at the beach or in a pool?

6. Over summer WYR give up late nights or sleep ins?

7. You are spending the day at the beach/pool do you wear makeup? (If yes what?)

8. Favourite summer holiday/vacation spot?

If you make videos please leave your Tag as a video response. If you don't comment below either here or on the video! I'd love to hear all of your answers!!

Thanks so much for reading!!

xo Lisa xo

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Essence Haul & First Impressions

The other day I did a little bit of 'Whoopsie' shopping at Priceline... But it totally wasn't my fault!! I had been seeing heaps of Aussie Gurus raving about some Essence Products and I just HAD to have them!! I am blaming this spending spree on my lovely friends DOMMsmilesJordy from Jordy's Beauty Spot and Sophie from Born To Buy, pop on over and check 'em out, tell them Lisa sent you <3

Here's a list of what I purchased.... 

Essence Eyeshadow in #58 Cappuccino, please! $3.25

Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in #09 For Fairies. $5.50

Essence Stay With Me Longlasting lipgloss in #08 Deep Rose $3.95

Essence Stay With Me Longlasting lipgloss in #02 My Favourite Milkshake $3.95

Essence Lip Liner in #11- In The Nude

Essence Gel Eyeliner in #01 Midnight in Paris $5.95

Essence Silky Touch Blush in #10 Adorable $4.95

Essence 50’s Girls Reloaded Eyeshadow Duo in #03 Come On Board Captain! $4.95

Essence 50’s Girls Reloaded Eyeshadow Duo in #01 I’m A Marine Girl $4.95

Essence 50’s Girls Reloaded Nail Polish in #04 Love Me Tender $3.50

Essence 50’s Girls Reloaded Eyepencil in #03 Love Me Tender $1.95

Essence 50’s Girls Reloaded Eyepencil in #01 You’re A Heartbreaker $1.95

Essence 50’s Girls Reloaded Eyepencil in #02 I’m A Marine Girl $1.95

Stay tuned for further reviews and impressions of these products!! 

I have posted a Video of my haul and my first impressions. Please check out my My Channel and I'd love it if you subscribed!! 

Until next time ...

xo Lisa xo 

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

TAG: Six Products I Couldn't Live Without

Hey Guys!! Just a quick post to let you all know that I have posted a new video on My Channel.

It is my first ever TAG video!!! YAY!!! How Exciting!! I was tagged by the lovely Nikki at nikkev19. I definitely recommend checking her out! she's an absolute doll!!

I am working on a detailed blog about the Six Products I Couldn't Live without, so stay tuned for that!!!

What six products couldn't you live without???

xo Lisa xo

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Video!!

Hi my lovelies!!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube Channel ! I'd love it if you would pop over and check it out! Feel free to subscribe, thumbs up and share, share, share.

My new video is a Beauty Babble featuring the Balm Jovi Palette that I recently blogged about. To read my full blog post Click Here.

Thanks heaps for all your support!
xo Lisa xo
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Guess Who's on YouTube...???

Hi guys!!!

I am so excited to say that I have just uploaded my VERY FIRST video to YouTube.

I have uploaded a video all about my Favourites of 2012! You may remember reading about my Top12 of 2012, all of these, plus more amazing products feature in my video. Click here to watch my video!

I would absolutely love it if you could pop over to My Channel and subscribe so that you'll always know when I upload!

Thank you all so much for your support so far and I look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you throughout 2013.

xo Lisa xo
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Beauty Babble Featuring Essence Lip Liners

First of all.. A MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to the amazing DOMMsmiles for introducing me to Essence Lip Liners in her Best of Essence Video. She raved about these Lip Liners, so I thought I'd better get right on to checking them out! And let me tell you, they didn't disappoint. Stay tuned to find out why...

 Being a poor uni student, I am always on the hunt for inexpensive makeup products that are of exceptional quality. As discussed in my first edition of Beauty Babble, I recently started using Ulta3 lipsticks. They are a prime example of a cheap product that is of fantastically high quality. So I am pleased to announce that once again I have discovered an remarkable product, which comes with an even more remarkable price tag!

Essence Cosmetics can be found at your local Target and Priceline, and trust me when I say that their stand is worth a glimpse. I picked up a whole range of delightful goodies, which I am currently playing with and I'll keep you posted on my thoughts.

Initially, I just purchased on of the Lip Liners... why I don't know, I think I was trying to be sensible. Well that didn't last! I wore the In The Nude liner out for dinner and I was sold. I headed straight back to Target the next day and bought the entire collection. These Lip Liners are sensational. And... are you ready for it??? They have a RRP of $1.95!!! Can you say Bargain??? And to top it off, I got them on sale, these babies cost me $1.45 each. WOW. I now have an amazing collection of lip liners and it cost me well under 15 bucks.

But there are more to these lip liners than just an attractive price point. They are so creamy and glide effortlessly on to the lips. I enjoy wearing them either as a liner or as an overall lip colour, as a base or on its own. I find that they blend seamlessly, are not drying and are very long wearing. In my opinion these are as good as, if not better, than my other lip liners which cost me at least ten times the price.

I could find 8 colours in the range at my local Target. I am really impressed with the colour varieties. There's a decent range, and I am finding that there is a liner to suit any look I am going for. Let's take a closer look at the range....

Top to Bottom: #10 Femme Fatale, #08 Red Blush,
 #04 Honey Bun, #05 Soft Berry, #06 Satin Mauve,
 #03 Hot Chocolate, #07 Cute Pink, #11 In The Nude

Top to Bottom: #10 Femme Fatale, #08 Red Blush,
 #04 Honey Bun, #05 Soft Berry, #06 Satin Mauve,
 #03 Hot Chocolate, #07 Cute Pink, #11 In The Nude
(With Flash)

Top to Bottom: #10 Femme Fatale, #08 Red Blush,
 #04 Honey Bun, #05 Soft Berry, #06 Satin Mauve,
 #03 Hot Chocolate, #07 Cute Pink, #11 In The Nude
(Without Flash)

So, if you're looking for a great quality product with a price tag that's kind on the bank account I highly recommend that you check out the Essence Lip Liners. In fact, I would suggest that you explore the entire range that Essence has to offer. It's refreshing to discover a product, that is of such amazingly high quality, with an exceptionally low price. Essence is doing a great job and I can see myself as being a very happy customer of theirs for a long time to come.

Have you tried any Essence products?? Let me know in the comments below what you think! Or Tweet me @EsteemBeautyxo, I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

xo Lisa xo 
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Beauty Babble Featuring Ulta3 Lipsticks

Welcome to Beauty Babble... A series of blog posts featuring products I've tried and tested. I'll be giving you the 4-1-1; all the details you need on some of THE most talked about products.

Following MissTango2 on Instagram led me to discover Ulta3 Lip Sticks. She posted this amazing picture of the Ulta3 Stand at her local Terry White Chemist. Initially, I noticed the impressive colour selection. There were just so many colours to choose from! But then, after studying the photo, I saw something rather alarming. The price. The display advertised the lipsticks as being $2.95 each for the regular and $3.95 for the matte varieties. I was shocked and excited all at once; obviously I NEEDED to have them immediately.

Exploring the Ulta3 stand is like a dream come true. I went swatch crazy. The colours were all so amazing, it was almost impossible to choose. I ended up decided upon 5 shades that I feel in love with on first swatch. I know, very tame of me :)

L to R:
031 Misty Mauve, 034 Brown Sugar, 019 Forever Fawn, 026 Rosa, 040 Coral Reef

L to R:
031 Misty Mauve, 034 Brown Sugar, 019 Forever Fawn, 026 Rosa, 040 Coral Reef
All I can say is WOW!!! These lippys literally make me speechless. They are phenomenal!!!

The first thing that strikes you about these lippies is the packaging. Ulta3 has done an exceptional job. The bargain price certainly doesn't mean low quality, in fact the packaging of these lipsticks is among some of the best I've ever seen. What I really love is the fact that the colour is clearly visible. It makes it easy to store and even easier to select the colour you desire when reaching for it. I give Ulta3 a massive two thumbs up; they've clearly thought about the packaging and more importantly about their consumers and their needs.

I absolutely LOVE the colours I purchased. I have been wearing them non-stop since I got them in late December, 2012.

031 Misty Mauve is a beautiful deep pink tone matte lipstick. I have been thrashing this one and I am really enjoying it. The Matte formulation is not drying at all; it goes on the lips beautifully and has impressive staying power.

031 Misty Mauve

031 Misty Mauve

034 Brown Sugar is another matte shade. It's a gorgeous deep nude brown and once again the formula is so creamy and feels amazing on the lips. I have really loved this colour for night time looks, when I'm after something a little more natural.

034 Brown Sugar

034 Brown Sugar

019 Fawn Fever is lighter brown tone nude shade. I absolutely adore this lipstick. For me it is the perfect nude shade lipstick. It glides on effortlessly and gives the lips a stunning glow. I have been reaching for this quite frequently, I enjoy wearing it on a daily basis or when I've created a more dramatic eye.

019 Fawn Fever 

019 Fawn Fever 

026 Rosa is a deep brown-pink tone nude with a gorgeous sheen. It's lovely for giving your lips a touch of pink colour, while still maintaining the dignity of a nude and natural. It's a fabulous tone and works really nicely with a smokey eye.

026 Rosa

026 Rosa

040 Coral Reef is a stunning bright pink toned coral which gives your lips an amazing pop of colour. I love it for summer and I can see this being my go to shade of the season. This colour is so pigmented it's insane! I have been enjoying applying this colour to the lip, blotting, then applying a second coat to ensure the colour is long lasting.

040 Coral Reef

040 Coral Reef

Finally, let's talk formulation. It's gorgeous. All of the lipsticks, both matte and normal, are so very creamy and moisturising. they honestly feel so very luscious on you lips, making them ideal for all day wear. The colour pay off and pigmentation is a good as any lipstick I've used. All in all, an amazing product that is absolutely worth a look.

Overall, the Ulta3 lipsticks are a great way to add to you lipstick collection. There are wide range of colours to choose from, making them an excellent option when wanting to try out a new/unusual colour. Furthermore, at just $2.95 for the normal and $3.95 for Matte they are unbeatable in terms of value for money, you seriously can't go wrong. If you haven't already checked them out, I strongly suggest that you do.

Hit me up on Twitter @esteembeautyxo and let me know what you think of Beauty Babble and what products you would like to see featured throughout 2013.

xo Lisa xo 
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Sunday, 6 January 2013

The New Love of My Life... theBalm: Balm-Jovi

First of all... So sorry I haven't been around the last few days. I finally returned back home from 9 weeks aways from home. I am so happy to be back home, but there is so much to do!! But I'm back now and I am planning to be a lot more focused now that life is returning to normal. So, please stay tuned!

Anywho... Today I wanted to share with you the new love of my life... Balm-Jovi by theBalm Cosmetics. I first heard about this little pocket rocket when my Top YouTuber of 2012Jodik76 from Goo Roo Beauty, mentioned it in one of her amazing Collective Hauls. I was intrigued by the concept; a complete face solution in one handy, compact palette. As a frequent traveller, I am always on the look out for an easy solution that I can quickly reach for as I'm packing at the last minute.

Lucky for me, I managed to pick up this palette in the after christmas sales. I was walking through David Jones in Adelaide and I noticed a Clearance Bin... obviously I stopped and to my absolute delight there it was... Balm-Jovi on sale at a steal of a price, just $31.45!! How could I say no??? I rummaged through to find one in perfect condition, and I now have a new love in my life. I absolutely adore this palette, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great, versatile, high quality, value for money and unique face palette. Keep reading and I'll tell you why...

Let me break it down for you...


The first thing that jumps out at you with this palette is the art work. It's such a clever design. Reminiscent of a Rock Concert Poster, your mind immediately filled with images of the music industry and the sounds of your favourite rock beats. Their attention to detail is second to none, right down to the clever play-on-words used throughout the entire palette. Now, I know that presentation doesn't make a palette, but I personally love that theBalm takes the time to design a product with such detail. It shows that they have pride in what they do and, more importantly, that they love what they do. They don't just pick a few colours and chuck them in a palette; there is a very thorough process at play, right from the initial concept idea through to the design and execution of their products.

As with all of theBalm products, the Balm-Jovi palette has a slip cover. I'm kind of 'meh' about these. They don't really make a huge difference to me; honestly, I could live without it, but I don't mind living with it. The palette cover is cleverly split in to two, with the top part opening to reveal the powder products and the bottom section protecting and separating the cream products. Both covers are magnetised and snap shut, which I love. Once again that adds to the transportability of the palette, so another big plus in my book! The palette also features a decently sized mirror which is in the shape of a love heart; A-dor-a-ble I know!!!! The bottom flap gives 4 look suggestions, which, in my opinion, is a nice touch.

Overall, for presentation I give this palette 5 stars. To be honest, It's hard to fault and theBalm should be very proud of their achievements.


Eye Shadows 

Heavy Metal Collection - Shimmers 

Metal-ica is a beautiful snow-white colour which has a gorgeous sheen to it and almost a silver-ish shimmer. I love it as an inner corner colour; I find it is very blend-able and easy to work with. The only negative is that it can be slightly powdery, but if I just tap off the excess it's absolutely no problem at all, so kind of a moot point.

Iron Maid-In is probably one of my favourite eye shadows in the entire palette. It is a stunning neutral, almost nude colour with gold-ish undertones and sheen. Being a gold girl, I absolutely love this colour. I find it to be very versatile; I've been able to wear it all over the lid, in the inner corner, under the eye as an eye liner or even as a highlighter on the inner corner or the brow bone, depending on the look. The shadow itself is very buttery and is a pleasure to work with.

Lead Zeppelin looks lovely in the pan; a deep moss colour with gold shimmer. While its colour payoff is not the best, I still love this colour. I find that it works well and is very wearable. It looks nice all over the lid or as a crease colour. I enjoy the gold shimmer and I find that it works well will Iron Maid-In. It's brilliant as a transition colour to take a golden-glow day time look to a more dramatic night time eye.

Alice Copper is a sensational plum-burgandy colour. I love using it with my Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk. I recently used this colour in the crease to create a smokey plum coloured eye and it was absolutely gorgeous. In my opinion it is the perfect shade for those who love bright colours but are a little afraid to use them. It is a great shadow to work with and I find it blends seamlessly.

Classical Collection -  Mattes

Adagio is an amazing matte skin tone colour with a subtle pinkish undertone. It is a lovely brow bone or inner corner colour; I also enjoy using it on the inner third as, with it's buttery consistency, it blends like a dream! It's not even funny how much I've been using this colour since I got this palette.

Allegro is an impressive mid-tone matte brown which is similar to Buck by Urban Decay. I actually think I prefer Allegro as it has more of a gold undertone and therefore works nicely with gold-tone colours such as Iron Maid-In or Half Baked, which is my all time favourite and most worn eye shadow, period. I love Allegro as an all over the lid colour, in the crease or as a blending out colour. Let's be honest, you can never have too many matte browns...

Moderato is a deep purple-brown matte colour which is lovely for creating a deep brown smokey eye. It looks amazing in the outer corner or in the crease. Colour pay-off is not exceptional but it's very build-able, which I like; once again it means that I can work with it with confidence, slowly creating the deeper look I'm after.

Presto is an elegant deep reddish-brown with a similar colour payoff to Moderato. Fabulous in the outer corner, in the crease or all over if you're wanting a more dramatic look. In my opinion it's a very wearable colour; it looks more intense in the pan than it does on the lid. Love it.

Alternative Collection - Shimmers

Blink 1982 is a stunning mauve colour with the slightest gold shimmer, that is so amazingly beautiful on the lid. I have literally used this to bits already. I adore it. It looks dazzling all over the lid, in the crease, as a liner, in the inner, middle or outer third, pretty much any where you want to use it and how ever you want to use it. What a colour, what a texture, WOW, love it.. my pick of the palette.

The Stroke is a deep navy blue, almost black colour with a hint of blue shimmery glitter particles. Great for creating a smokey eye or for using as a liner; it has exceptional colour payoff and is an all round good quality shadow.

Rem is a spectacularly soft lilac colour which has the slightest sheen. I've really been enjoying this colour on the inner corner when using the purple tones in the palette to create a smokey eye. It's a great colour to work with and it's very blend-able. Watch out for fall out though; it is quite powdery. I tap it off on my hand before applying to the lid to avoid any messy situations.


Disco Disco Solid Gold is my new favourite highlighter. Its a gorgeous gold tone luminizer which just gives the most sensational glow to the top of your cheek bones. It blends seamlessly and sits beautifully on the skin, not looking powdery or cakey. It is fabulous as an inner corner or brow bone highlight if you want to give those areas a glorious gold glow. It works well with my skin tone and is extremely pigmented, a definite winner and a new go-to product.

Pop! Pop! Don't You Want Me is the most pigmented blush I think I have ever used- you literally need the tiniest amount to give your cheeks a healthy, luscious glow. It blends well and easily buffs in the the skin. As with all Balm blushes it can also be used as an eye shadow, and I have really been enjoying it to add some warmth when blending out the crease.


Milly is the perfect nude lip colour. It provides just the right amount of pinkness to the lips while still maintaining the beauty of the natural lip. I have been wearing it endlessly; it has decent staying power, is extremely moisturising and give the lips a subtle glowing sheen.

Vanilly is a rock star worthy bright red; it has the same formulation as Milly, full of moisture and feels beautiful on the lips. In my opinion it looks very different swatched than in the pan, but still a great lip colour.

What I love most about these lip products is that you can layer them and create your own unique colour to perfectly match you look. Also, they are also usable as creme blushes. I am yet to try them out, but given their creamy consistency I am confident that they will blend nicely and look lovely on the cheeks.

The Final Cut

A definite winner for me! The whole palette is well thought out and executed. It is very versatile, there are so many different looks that you can create with this palette; the possibilities are endless. If you're a person who love makeup and enjoys playing around with different looks then you definitely need to check this palette out. Similarly, if you are looking for a great all-in-one solution then this baby is worth a look.  I can't recommend theBalm's Balm-Jovi Face Palette enough and I am actually thinking of grabbing a couple extra for presents for family and friends. At just over $30 at David Jones you can't go past this palette in terms of quality and value for money. 

Thanks so much for reading. If you enjoyed this blog please follow me, much more to come.. I'm just getting started!!

xo Lisa xo 

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